slide-Glyphosate-gluten-intolerant Latest Studies Show that Glyphosate Causes Gluten Intolerance - The incidence of gluten intolerance, celiac disease and other health problems linked to the consumption of wheat and gluten are on the rise world wide and seem to be reaching epidemic proportions. But while wheat, and more specifically gluten, have traditionally been blamed for this modern epidemic, new evidence points to glyphosate, the active ingredient […]
slide-egg-myth-exposed Myth Exposed: Do Eggs Really Cause High Cholesterol? - For years mainstream medicine and public health organizations have put eggs on the black list for those with high cholesterol. This view flooded the market with a series of “egg substitutes” and led to the birth of the “egg white only” movement. This movement was founded on the assumption that foods containing high cholesterol… cause […]
slide-sleep Sufficient Sleep is Essential to Fuel Weight Loss Efforts - We all understand the importance of sleeping seven to nine hours each night to allow for adequate cellular housekeeping, as the body metabolizes and synthesizes enzymes and proteins that are critical to our survival. In the past, a sound sleep has been shown to lower incidence of heart disease, diabetes and dementia in direct relationship […]
2-easy-breakfast-tips-metabolism 2 Simple Changes to Boost Weight Loss Naturally Each Morning - Many Americans completely skip breakfast and the majority of those don’t eat whatever’s convenient. But if you need to lose weight or have trouble controlling your hunger then you should consider taking a little extra time in the morning to fix a high-protein breakfast. Why You Should be Eating Eggs for Breakfast Forget the pancakes. […]
creativepastaslide Pasta Gets Creative! - Mushroom Lover’s Cheesy Noodles 2 cups elbow macaroni (that’s before cooking) 2 TBS butter or margarine 2 TBS flour 1 package beef dry mushroom soup mix 2 c. milk 2 c. shredded American cheese Preheat oven to 350. First get your noodles cooking (follow directions on your package). While cooking, melt your butter in a […]